Tideswell 30mm Artificial Grass

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Super-soft and springy underfoot, Tideswell has a strong yarn - making it more durable and ideal for families with children. A deeper green with light and dark browns underneath provides an enhanced, realistic looking lawn you'll love.

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Key Features

Perfect For Families

Tideswell has a very high decitex (dtex) score. This measure defines the amount of material in the yarn. A high score indicates that the yarn is thicker and therefore more hard wearing - without compromising the softness you expect.

The durability of Tideswell makes it a superb choice for family gardens where children can spend hours running and playing on the lawn with blades designed to endure it.

Low Maintenance, High Enjoyment
No more mowing. No more watering. No more mud. A beautiful looking lawn whatever the weather, without the effort.
Looks Real, Naturally
With a blend of greens in the pile and shades of browns in the thatch underneath, this artificial grass looks natural from afar and up close.
Drains & Dries Quickly
Artificial grass is manufactured with perforations to allow water to filter through - helping rainwater to drain away quickly. Combined with a permeable sub-base underneath, an artificial lawn helps combat water-logging, and dries quicker than real grass too so pets and children can play out sooner.
Perfect For Paws And Little Feet
All of our artificial grasses are made to be child and pet friendly with no harmful materials. A mud-free lawn, keeping clothes, fur and the floor indoors free of muck!
During May to July, grass pollen is the most common allergen as many hay fever sufferers can attest. Replacing a natural lawn with artificial grass can help prevent itchy eyes and sneezing thanks to reducing the exposure to grass pollen.
High Quality Backing
The backing is very important for the durability of artificial grass. This grass has a superior quality backing; made with a polypropylene cloth, a secondary non-woven fabric and a generous SBR glue coating to lock in the grass fibre stitching - ensuring a long-lasting lawn.
Hardwearing and long lasting. With a quality constructed backing and tough yet soft fibres, all of our grasses are designed to withstand years of enjoyment.
Artificial grass lends itself to many applications, from play areas for children to social areas for adults.
10 Year UV Guarantee
We offer peace of mind with a 10 year UV guarantee for domestic installs. We are confident that our grass will stay looking lusciously green so that you can be too.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Landscaping Direct
Pile Height (mm) (+/- 2mm): 30
Gauge: 5/16"
Stitch Count (Stitches per Lin.M) (+/- 5): 148
Stitch Count (Stitches per m2) (+/- 10%): 18648
Yarn Weight (g/m2) (+/-10%): 1610
Total Weight (g/m2) (+/-10%): 2685
Cushion (1 = Hard to 10 = Deeply cushioned): 7.5
Softness (1 = Rough to 10 = Super Soft): 9.0
Density (1 = Bald to 10 = Super-full): 7.0
Bounceback (1 = Stays Flat to 10 = Springs Back): 8.0
Combined Score (Out of 40): 31.5
Domestic UV Guarantee*: 10 Year
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