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Tandur Grey 22mm Calibrated Limestone Paving - Mixed Sizes

Landscaping Direct
Tandur Grey Limestone Paving has a mixture of predominantly light grey tones, occassionally dappled with a buff hue. Limestone has a much softer surface texture than sandstone, giving Tandur Grey a beatuful velvetty smooth finish. As with all limestones, Tandur Grey will lighten over time.
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£29.40 per m2

In Stock - Full Packs: Standard Delivery included - Usually 2-5 days. Split Packs: Delivery charged separately - Usually 3-7 days.

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Ethically sourced

We go out of our way to make sure our products are ethically sourced.

Key Features

Full of Character
Perhaps the most wonderful thing about natural stone is how full of character and charm each individual piece is. The tones and textures, naturally formed, are unique to each and every piece of stone, ensuring a truly unique patio.
Traditional or Contemporary
Whether your preference is for a traditional design or a more contemporary style, natural stone can be used effectively to achieve either look to suit you and your outdoor space. The material lends itself beautifully to a cottage-garden look, complimenting established, planted spaces for a natural feel. Opting for singles-sizes, or laying mixed-sizes in a linear pattern helps to achieve a more contemporary look.
Strong, Hardwearing, Durable, Long-Lasting
Natural stone has lasted thousands if not millions of years so far, so it's pretty tough stuff. The natural durability and hard-wearing nature of stone makes it a fantastic choice that has already proven to stand the test of time.
Simply Maintained
Inevitably, natural stone will weather over time when exposed to the elements. Thankfully, an occasional jet wash is usually sufficient enough for lifting the dirt from the surface to reveal once again its natural beauty. For anything more stubborn, there is a plethora of cleaning products available, designed specifically for natural stone, to precisely tackle anything from algae and lichen to rust and general staining.
Ethically Sourced
All of Landscaping Direct's own paving has been ethically sourced. This ensures that child and slave labour have not been used, fair wages have been paid and working conditions are safe, hygienic and humane. By ensuring your stone has come from an ethical source, you can enjoy your patio with the reassurance that proper care and quality has gone in to it.
Calibrated paving has been processed to a nominal thickness which helps to provide consistency and ease of laying.
Hand-Split & Dressed
Incredibly, every piece of natural stone has been split, shaped and dressed by hand. The skill and craftsmanship that goes in to forming each flag helps gives it such character. The hand-dressed edge offers that classic finish as opposed to sawn straight edges.
What to expect - Colour, Texture and Characteristics of Natural Stone

Natural stone paving is truly unique, with no two packs of paving slabs being the same. As a result, we encourage you to be open-minded about the variations in colours, textures and characteristics of the paving slabs you receive compared to how the products look in the photos.

The images used are representative of the variations each stone has to offer, but despite coming from the same quarry, each batch of stone extracted can be different to the last, meaning every pack of paving slabs are unique. As a result, the actual colours of the paving slabs you receive can never be guaranteed.

The colour, texture and characteristics of all natural stone is a result of how the stone has formed over millions of years, and the variations in tones, patterns and features are what give natural stone paving the wonderful charm and character it is loved for.

Split Pack Quantities

We offer the ability to split packs on all of our own brand paving. This allows you to purchase the right amount for your project so you don't need to over-order and over-spend!

Please note that for split packs, the delivery charge is not included in the price like it is for full packs.

We feel that choosing to list the delivery charge separately is more transparent, as the cost for the paving is clear and consistent which helps when pricing.

Many other suppliers choose to include the cost of delivery in the split pack price itself, which is completely fine, but because the delivery charge doesn't dilute as nicely with smaller quantities as it does over a full pack, it can cause the price per M2 to become inflated which we find makes it more confusing when pricing projects.

It makes no difference to the final price whether the delivery charge is included in the product price itself or added on afterwards separately.

Please see our FAQs on this for further explanation.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Landscaping Direct
Colour: Greys
Thickness (mm): 22
Country of Origin: India
Surface Finish: Naturally Smoother, Light Texture
Edge Finish: Hand-chiselled Edge
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