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Sottile Mid Grey 900 x 600 x 16mm Outdoor Porcelain Paving Tiles

Landscaping Direct

With a 16mm thickness, our Sottile outdoor porcelain tiles are lighter yet extremely durable. The thinner profile of these porcelain patio slabs allows for a more cost-effective tile, perfect for creating a patio on a budget, while maintaining the strength and durability that porcelain is renowned for.

These graphite grey porcelain outdoor tiles feature a lightly riven texture and pattern that mimics the look of natural stone. The Sottile Mid Grey tiles are predominantly graphite grey, with lighter-grey hues throughout for a layered design.

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£547.56 £456.30

£19.50 per m2

In Stock - Full Packs: Standard Delivery included - Usually 2-5 days.
Coverage (m2) £19.50/m²
Packs £547.56 each

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Key Features

Low Maintenance, High Enjoyment

Porcelain paving tiles can easily be kept looking beautiful for years thanks to their low maintenance requirements. The occasional brushing away of leaves and debris, and, if needed, a simple wash with soapy water are enough to keep your porcelain paving looking as good as new.

Resiliently Resistant

The materials and manufacturing processes used to create porcelain result in a product that is resistant to staining, fading, frost, UV light, mould, algae, salts, and acids. Porcelain's super-low porosity means it is highly resistant to staining; spills won’t immediately soak into the paving, making it easy to maintain. This characteristic makes porcelain ideal for BBQ and entertaining areas, as accidental spills can be easily wiped up without damaging the paving. Additionally, its low water absorption rate protects against frost damage in winter, a common issue with other materials.

Strong, Hardwearing, Durable, Long-Lasting

The combination of materials and the extremely high temperatures at which porcelain is manufactured give it incredible strength due to its high density. The hard-wearing, durable nature of outdoor porcelain tiles ensures a fantastic paving solution that will stand the test of time.

Slip Resistant

Many people wonder whether porcelain is suitable for outdoor use or whether it presents a slip hazard. For peace of mind, all of our porcelain paving ranges are rated at a minimum of R11 for anti-slip. This rating indicates a low potential for slipping in both dry and wet conditions and is widely accepted as the appropriate level of resistance for external porcelain applications. The "R" rating refers to a "ramp test," where slip resistance is measured at increasingly steeper inclines. For instance, an R11 slip rating is achieved at an incline of 20 to 27 degrees.

Uniform Design

For those looking to avoid the innate variation in tones and character of natural stone, porcelain offers a man-made alternative. The colors, textures, and patterns are limited only to the chosen design, giving you more control over the composition of your patio. Whether you prefer on-trend colors or subtle shades for a uniform look, porcelain allows you to select a range suited to your style.

Rectified Edges

"Rectified" means that the edges of each porcelain tile have been machine cut to give a consistent size with precise edges and 90-degree corners to allow for accurate installs and a beautiful finish.

Because the edges have been rectified, the added accuracy that this provides means that a better finish can be achieved as the installation can be done more accurately. It allows for joints to be narrower if preferred, as there is less variance that widening joints tends to compensate for, and for edges to be neater and more perfectly aligned.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Landscaping Direct
Colour: Greys
Thickness (mm): 16
Surface Finish: Lightly Textured
Edge Finish: Rectified Edges
Full Body / Colour Body: Colour Body
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