SAMPLE - Tissington 30mm Artificial Grass

Tissington is a budget-friendly option ideal for areas where you want the look of a mowed lawn all year round but perhaps won't walk on enough for cushioning and springiness to be a major concern. The soft pile is friendly to feet and paws, making it equally suitable for balconies and verandas too. A mixture of tones gives this grass a natural appearance.

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Technical Specifications

Pile Height (mm) (+/- 2mm): 30
Cushion (1 = Hard to 10 = Deeply cushioned): 6.0
Softness (1 = Rough to 10 = Super Soft): 7.0
Density (1 = Bald to 10 = Super-full): 6.0
Bounceback (1 = Stays Flat to 10 = Springs Back): 7.0
Combined Score (Out of 40): 26.0
Domestic UV Guarantee*: 10 Year
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