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Our Monocroma range are superb Italian-made porcelain tiles available in shades of white, black and greys. With a lightly rivened surface to offer grip and character, each tile has a natural stone-esque pattern with a light sparkle for added appeal. Greys in gardens is massively on trend at the moment and shows no sign of stopping, and Monocroma Mid Grey is the perfect shade of grey to achieving that look - striking the light and dark balance beautifully.
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Key Features

Low Maintenance, High Enjoyment
Porcelain can very easily be kept looking beautiful for years thanks to the low maintenance it requires. The occasional brushing away of leaves and debris, and if needed, simply brushing with some soapy water is enough to keep your porcelain paving looking as good as new.
Resiliently Resistant
The materials and manufacturing processes used to create porcelain result in a fantastic product which is resistant to staining, fading, frost, UV, mould, algae, salts, and acids. With a super-low-porosity, porcelain is highly resistant to staining as any spills won't immediately soak into the paving. This is what makes it so easy to maintain, with porcelain being ideal for BBQ and entertaining areas, as accidental spills can be easily wiped up without ruining the paving. Similarly, low water absorption prevents against frost damage in winter like it can with other materials.
Strong, Hardwearing, Durable, Long-Lasting
The combination of materials and the extremely high temperatures that porcelain is manufactured at give it incredible strength due its high density. The hard-wearing, durable nature of porcelain ensures a fantastic paving solution that will stand the test of time.
Slip Resistant
Many people wonder whether porcelain is suitable for outdoors or whether it is a slip hazard. For peace of mind, all of our own porcelain paving ranges are anti-slip rated at a minimum of R11. This means that there is a low potential for slip in both dry and wet conditions and is widely accepted as the appropriate level of resistance for external porcelain applications. The R rating refers to 'ramp test' where the slip resistance is measure at increasingly steeper inclines. An R11 slip rating for instance is achieved at a 20 to 27 degree incline.
Uniform Design
For those looking to avoid the innate variation in tones and character of natural stone, porcelain is man-made, meaning the colours, textures and patterns are limited to the chosen design. This gives you more control of the composition of your patio as you can choose a range suited to your style - whether that be picking on-trend colours or subtle shades for a uniform look.
Rectified porcelain has been cut along each side after it has been fired to give straighter edges, crisper corners, and tighter dimensional tolerances within that batch versus non-rectified porcelain. The benefits of rectified paving allow for cleaner, tighter joints to be achieved. As always, it is important to ensure batches are identical, as the dimensions and tolerance to those dimensions in one batch may differ to the next.
Full bodied porcelain is generally considered to be higher-quality than colour-bodied. Full body porcelain uses pigments within the makeup of the porcelain itself which closely match that of the tile's surface. The greatest benefit of a full-bodied tile is that minor damage such as an accidental chip, or the edges of cut tiles are well disguised as there is no discerning difference between the face and the body colour. Similarly, for exposed edges such as on steps and copings, the edge of a full-bodied porcelain looks much nicer.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Landscaping Direct
Colour: Greys
Surface Finish: Lightly Rivened
Edge Finish: Rectified Edges
Full Body / Colour Body: Full Body
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