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Clarity Ash decking is Ecoscape's lightest colour, with very little dye in this product the colours you see are the natural timber fibres and gives Ecoscape's most 'natural' looking and feeling board. Made up from 55% reclaimed wood fibres and 45% recycled HDPE, the material creates a natural wood look and feel that will not splinter or split making Clarity the perfect surface for bare feet, children and family pets. Please note: due to the makeup of this product, Ash Clarity board is more susceptible to colour change with exposure to UV light, more than other composite boards within this range.
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Ethically sourced

We go out of our way to make sure our products are ethically sourced.

Key Features

One Board, Two Designs
Each board is reversible, with one side displaying narrow grooves and the other wider grooves, allowing you to easily make your design more interesting.
Hollow Board - Lighter Yet Tougher
With a hollow construction, the decking board is lightweight making it easier to handle and install whilst maintaining strength and durability. Additionally, the hollow design is actually beneficial versus a solid core as it withstands expansion and contraction better, preventing it from warping.
Environmentally Friendly
Ecoscape UK products are made from 95% recycled materials (55% reclaimed wood fibres and 45% recycled HDPE)
Easy On The Eye, Easy On The Install
Ecoscape UK's decking uses a hidden-clip system for easy installation and a seamless finish.
No Rotting, Warping or Splitting - Guaranteed
Ecoscape UK offer a 20 year warranty on Clarity Decking for domestic applications. Giving you peace of mind for a long-lasting decked space.
Resistant To Algae, Mould And Mildew
Algae, mould and mildew thrive in damp conditions. Thankfully, Composite Decking doesn't absorb moisture - inhibiting the growth of organic matter which causes an unsightly slip hazard like you find with timber decking.
Low Maintenance, High Enjoyment
Super easy to keep clean with no ongoing painting, staining or sealing to worry about - saving you time and money over the lifetime of the decking.
FSC® Certified

Landscaping Direct are FSC® certified. We play our part in ensuring that the timber and timber-based products we supply are responsibly, sustainably and ethically sourced.

Ecoscape UK products are made from 95% recycled materials with the wood content 100% FSC® certified.

Please Note: Colour Stabilisation

As with all composite products, regardless of supplier, there will always be an initial colour stabilisation period once the decking is installed.

The natural release of oils and tannins from the wood fibres in the product, combined with the exposure to UV rays and the elements contributes to a slight loss of colour, typically over a cycle of the seasons.

All of our Composite products contain UV stabilisers to reduce the level of fading, though there will always be a certain amount of fade despite this.

Capped products, such as Landscaping Direct's Optimum Decking and Ecoscape UK's Forma range are fully-capped which really helps reduce the level of fading.

In most cases, the colour fade is imperceivable and only stands out when ornaments, plant pots, etc. are moved from a fixed spot and highlight any difference. Patches such as this will also stabilise when exposed to UV instead of being-re-covered.

It is worth noting that the loss of colour no way impedes the durability or structure of the product - it is purely visual.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Ecoscape UK
Colour: Browns
Capped / Un-Capped: Un-Capped
Finish: Reversible - Narrow Groove / Wide Groove
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