How To Install Artificial Grass – Quick Guide – Ten Simple Steps
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How To Install Artificial Grass – Quick Guide – Ten Simple Steps

March 10th 2022

Replacing an existing lawn with artificial grass.

Step One

Remove existing turf and dig out to 75-100mm below required finish. 

[Handy Hint – For larger areas, hire a turf cutter locally to make lighter work of the job] 

Step Two

Create an edging for the artificial grass to fix to and act as a decorative border if on show. For instance, timber sleepers, aluminium edgings or a simple concrete haunch. 

Step Three

Infill with a minimum 50mm depth sub-base aggregate and compact to form a level, stable foundation. 

[Handy Hint – See our blog on Sub-Base Aggregate Options]

Step Four 

Cover the sub-base with a laying course aggregate, approximately 25mm deep, just below level with the edging.  

[Handy Hint – See our blog on Laying Course Aggregate Options] 

Step Five 

Lay a permeable weed control fabric on top to prevent weed growth and to give an element of protection and sound suppression to the underside of the turf.

Step Six 

Roll out your artificial grass and position in place, making sure that the pile faces the main view point. 

[Handy Hint – It is recommended to allow your grass to acclimatise in place for 24 hours – see our 5 Top Tips Blog for more.] 

Step Seven 

Once ready, carefully trim the edges of your grass to shape as required. For best results, cut from the underside and regularly change the blade to ensure a neat, clean finish. 

Step Eight 

Nail, glue or pin your artificial grass in to place depending on you chosen edging method. Be sure to keep things as taut as possible. Allowing the grass to have acclimatised helps with this. 

Step Nine

Give the artificial grass a brush to spruce up any areas still flat from being rolled up. Optionally, you can also brush in kiln dried sand to give additional stability to the grass.  

Step Ten 

Step back and admire your beautiful new lawn. 

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