Composite Products - What They Are And Why They're Great.
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Composite Products - What They Are And Why They're Great.

April 6th 2022

Our composite products offer a wealth of benefits. In this article, we will explain what composites are and what makes them such a great choice.

What are composites?

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) products, such as our decking, cladding and fencing, are eco-friendly, low-maintenance, durable landscaping products which are made from a combination of wood fibres, plastics and additives.hd deck

The blend and quality of the ingredients varies between manufacturers, but the combination of the wood and plastic creates a fantastically strong product that is easy to keep clean.

How are composite products made?

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is a blend of plastic, wood fibre and additives.

Landscaping Direct’s own composite products are all made using a composition of:

  • 60% FSC® hardwood timber which is processed in to a wood powder and dried free of moisture.
  • 30% Recycled HDPE plastic. Cleaned, screened then granulated in to pellets.
  • 10% Additives. Such as stabilisers, fire retardants, hardeners, etc.

The blend of wood powder, HDPE plastic pellets and additives are mixed together under heat, put through an extrusion process and then cooled.

The surface is then embossed with the finished texture before dressing and cutting to size.

What are the benefits of composite?

The main benefits of composite products include:


With colours that last, textures that stand out and hidden-fixing systems to create a seamless finish. Composite products look great and stay looking great for years. You can easily enhance the looks with complimentary and contrasting borders and trims to really make your project stand out.


Our composite decking will not rot, warp or split, and we guarantee it. Unlike timber alternatives, WPC is strong and stable, providing years of practical beauty whether that be decking underfoot or fencing surrounding your garden.

Low Maintenance

Thanks to the low porosity composites have, it is much easier to keep clean than traditional timber decking or fencing. Further, with no need to paint, stain or varnish every year or so, composite products maintain their wonderful aesthetics with very little effort and ongoing costs.

Good Slip Resistance

Our composite decking ranges are rated to have a low slip potential – wet or dry. Timber decking often develops algae and is known for becoming very slippery, whereas the low porosity of composite decking prevents this build up in the same way, giving you the confidence to walk across your decked area safely.

Environmentally Friendly

The composite products we offer are all made from responsibly sourced FSC® certified timber and recycled plastics.Giving you, and us, the peace of mind that our WPC decking, cladding and fencing are contributing towards the prevention of plastic pollution and supporting the sustainable sourcing of timber.

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