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Growtivation WeedTex Geotextile Fabric

WeedTex is a standard duty weed control fabric offering an effective level of weed supression beneath decking and in flower beds. WeedTex should be covered with bark or mulch in order to prevent sunlight from reaching the weeds, but a heavier duty fabric should be used if wishing to cover instead with decorative gravels - such as LandTex or GroundTex.
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Key Features

Standard Duty
WeedTex is a lighter duty fabric which still offers very effective weed suppression when combined with a bark/mulch covering.
Ideal For Below Decking and Flower Borders
WeedTex is a cost-effective weed suppressant to use below decking as once covered with bark, the fabric is sufficient at preventing weed growth.
Ideal For Flower Borders
The non-woven material can be easily cut to allow planting through the fabric, and also allows water, air and liquid feed/fertilisers to permeate in to the soil.
Non-woven fabrics are manufactured using short and long fibres, bound and usually heat treated to improve strength. Non-woven geotextiles are generally more permeable than woven fabrics, and are most effective in applications requiring separation, filtration and drainage.
100% Virgin Polypropylene
All of Growtivation's geofabrics are made from 100% virgin polypropylene, making them high quality so you can be confident that the fabric you are using will work and last. Cheaper, inferior fabrics are often manufactured with less polypropylene, using additives instead to bulk the fabric out to meet the weight (gsm) to appear like-for-like. However, these additives break down quickly making the fabric much weaker than a Growtivation geofabric. As with all of our products Landscaping Direct have chosen Growtivation for their quality and the assurance that gives.
WeedTex is a non-woven fabric designed to suppress weeds, but, like any other weed suppressant fabric, does not eliminate the need for surface weeding as a result of seeds dropped by birds etc growing in the surface covering. WeedTex requires a minimum 50mm covering of bark/mulch to prevent sunlight. It is not suitable for pebbles, gravels, or areas taking pedestrian traffic such as paths, as it may result in the membrane being pierced.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Growtivation
Woven / Non-Woven: Non-Woven
Weed Suppression: Yes
Ground Stabilisation: No
Grams per M2 (gsm): 50
Permeability (l/m²/s): TBC