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Growtivation GroundTex Geotextile Fabric

GroundTex is a multi-purpose woven geotextile, suitable for both ground stabilisation and weed supression.
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Key Features

GroundTex is suitable for both ground stabilisation and weed suppression.
Ground Stabilisation
By separating the sub-grade aggregates (i.e. MOT / hardcore) from the sub-grade (i.e. soil) beneath, this prevents an action known as 'pumping' where the aggregates would otherwise settle in to the soil, causing sinking, which ultimately reflects in the layers above, most noticeably in the paving where ruts would form.
Weed Suppression
Not all woven fabrics can be used for weed suppression, however the quality construction of GroundTex makes it excellent for weed suppression. Of the various weed suppressant fabrics we offer, GroundTex is most suited to supressing invasive weeds when prepared and installed correctly.
Suitable For Gravelled Areas
GroundTex can be covered with gravel and angular stones such as slate chippings for decoration unlike non-woven weed suppressants which should only be covered with mulch or soil to prevent piercing the membrane.
Woven fabrics, as the name suggests, are manufactured by weaving, in this case, slit films. This method produces a strong fabric which is perfect for separation, stabilisation and reinforcement applications. Woven geotextiles tend to be stronger but tend to offer a lower level of permeability versus non-woven fabrics.
100% Virgin Polypropylene
All of Growtivation's geofabrics are made from 100% virgin polypropylene, making them high quality so you can be confident that the fabric you are using will work and last. Cheaper, inferior fabrics are often manufactured with less polypropylene, using additives instead to bulk the fabric out to meet the weight (gsm) to appear like-for-like. However, these additives break down quickly making the fabric much weaker than a Growtivation geofabric. As with all of our products Landscaping Direct have chosen Growtivation for their quality and the assurance that gives.
GroundTex is a woven fabric designed to suppress weeds, but, like any other weed suppressant fabric, does not eliminate the need for surface weeding as a result of seeds dropped by birds etc growing in the surface covering. GroundTex will suppress most weeds but particular attention should be paid to very invasive weeds/grasses such as Mare’s Tail, Bindweed, Crocosmia, Ground Elder, Couch Grass, nettles, brambles and some bulbs. To maximise suppression against invasive weeds, it is recommended that they are dug out as much as possible and the area chemically treated with a strong, appropriate weed killer prior to installing the fabric. A double layer of GroundTex, and/or a double thick layer of ground covering (e.g. 100mm of bark) will also contribute towards inhibiting the growth of these weeds.
Growtivation PledgeMark Warranty
Growtivation's PledgeMark is an approval system that ensures products are suitable for their intended use, certifying that the product will perform its intended functions for its expected lifetime. This covers all weed control and geotextiles in Growtivation's 'Product That Works' range - including WeedTex, LandTex, GroundTex, DrainTex, DriveTex and EarthWorx NW1000. The warranty ensures that any faulty fabrics, due to manufacturing defects is replaced free of charge with minimum fuss. A mark of quality and assurance to installers and home owners of the products.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Growtivation
Woven / Non-Woven: Woven
Weed Suppression: Yes
Ground Stabilisation: Yes
Grams per M2 (gsm): 83
Permeability (l/m²/s): 4.8 x 10-²