Growtivation GravelRings - 500x500x25mm - Black - (4 Tiles per pack = 1M²)

GravelRings are a fantastic solution for creating gravelled areas such as driveways to ensure aggregates are retained and vehicles can drive and park on the area without sinkink. The integrated mesh backing allows water and fines to permeate freely to avoid build up of silts whilst preventing the gravel from working under the system and causing it to lift. GravelRings are supplied by the square metre in bundles of four tiles which makes up 1M² - simply order the square meterage you require (not the number of tiles).
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Key Features

Open Mesh Base
Unlike many alternative grid systems, the integrated open mesh base on GravelRings prevents gravel from working its way under the system otherwise causing it to lift. Similarly, the open mesh allows finer grains and water to permeate freely, preventing build up of silts within the gravel which can spoil the look or lead to weed growth.
Cost-Effective 25mm Depth
At 25mm deep, GravelRings makes the overall project more cost-effective as it means that less gravel is required to fill the system up. It also means less excavation and muck-away is required saving time and money overall.
350T Load Bearing per M²
Thanks to the integrity of the circular cell design, GravelRings have an exceptional strength - tested to withstand in excess of 350 tonne per M²!
Quick & Easy Install
GravelRings are conveniently supplied in one metre square sections - four tiles pre-clipped together. Simply position the grids and clip to the next section for a fast and secure fixing. The tiles can easily be cut to size using hand or power tools to fit any design.
Flexible Design
The flexibility of GravelRings allows the system to follow the contours of uneven surfaces. Being less rigid, it is more forgiving and easier to install for a fantastic finish.
SUDS Compliant
The free-draining nature of GravelRings makes it compliant with SUDS requirements.
100% Recycled
Black GravelRings are made from 100% recycled, UV stabilised HDPE
Recommended Gravel
6mm to 20mm angular, quarried aggregates are best suited to GravelRings - such as Golden Gravel or Cotswold Cream amongst many others. Washed, rounded and mixed aggregates should not be used. You will need approximately 58 to 67Kg of gravel per M² of GravelRings.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Growtivation
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