Growtivation DriveTex Geotextile Fabric

DriveTex is a non-woven, heavy duty geotextile fabric which provides high performance ground stabilisation. Used beneath the MOT / hardcore sub-grade, DriveTex prevents the aggregates from settling in to the soil below whilst still allowing filtration and drainage. By installing the membrane between the sub-base and sub-grade, it prevents sinking and rutting in paving by stabilising the layers in the foundations.
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Key Features

Professional Quality
DriveTex is a professional quality geotextile fabric suitable for roads and driveways.
Ground Stabilisation
By separating the sub-grade aggregates (i.e. MOT / hardcore) from the sub-grade (i.e. soil) beneath, this prevents an action known as 'pumping' where the aggregates would otherwise settle in to the soil, causing sinking, which ultimately reflects in the layers above, most noticeably in the paving where ruts would form.
Excellent Drainage and Filtration
DriveTex has excellent drainage properties and is also widely used for the construction of land (French) drains, for wrapping soakaway crates and for use beneath permeable paving and other SUDS compliant installations.
Non-woven fabrics are manufactured using short and long fibres, bound and usually heat treated to improve strength. Non-woven geotextiles are generally more permeable than woven fabrics, and are most effective in applications requiring separation, filtration and drainage.
100% Virgin Polypropylene
All of Growtivation's geofabrics are made from 100% virgin polypropylene, making them high quality so you can be confident that the fabric you are using will work and last. Cheaper, inferior fabrics are often manufactured with less polypropylene, using additives instead to bulk the fabric out to meet the weight (gsm) to appear like-for-like. However, these additives break down quickly making the fabric much weaker than a Growtivation geofabric. As with all of our products Landscaping Direct have chosen Growtivation for their quality and the assurance that gives.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Growtivation
Woven / Non-Woven: Non-Woven
Weed Suppression: No
Ground Stabilisation: Yes
Grams per M2 (gsm): 90
Permeability (l/m²/s): 120
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