Elite Composite Fencing - 2.4M In Ground Aluminium Fence Post

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Essential as an end-post to complete runs of fencing using the in-ground kits, the individual in-ground post comes complete with post cap and two side strips.
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Key Features

Don't Forget The End Post!

You will always need one more post than the number of fencing bays you're installing. Our Fencing Kits include one post per bay, so you will need to order one additional post.

If you're wondering why we don't supply two posts per kit, it is because if you had, for example, five bays of fencing, you would end up with ten posts. But you only need six (one per bay, plus the end post) - leaving you with four spare.

Four Posts In One

The Elite fencing posts can be used as End Posts, Inter-Posts, Corner Posts or Three-Way Posts.

Simply remove the strip to reveal the slotted section on any sides you require. You can cover any unused slots with the removed strip.

Install Solution

The most popular method for fencing installs; it requires digging holes for the posts to be buried in to and concreted around. Arguably more effort versus bolt-down methods but it does result in a more secure install.

Lightweight For Easier Handling & Install

The aluminium posts are much lighter than traditional concrete fence posts, making handling and installation much less laborious.

Powder Coated Aluminium

With an aluminium construction and an anthracite powder coating, our Elite Fencing components are made to look great and stay looking great.

The anthracite finish provides a modern aesthetic which perfectly ties in with all of our composite colours for a fantastic looking fence. Much more appealing than the chunkier, concrete alternatives which look bland and rough.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Landscaping Direct
Fencing Installation Method: In-Ground
Dimensions: 2400 x 75 x 75mm
Length (mm): 2400
Width (mm): 75
Height (mm): 75
Finish: Smooth Powder Coated
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