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Ecoscape - Clarity Fencing - Fence Board - Charcoal

Ecoscape UK
Charcoal is the darkest colour option within Ecoscape's WPC fencing range and is an ideal option for those looking to create a contemporary boundary. The modular fence boards are dual-sided allowing customers to create a unique pattern throughout. The low-maintenance boards are designed to simply slot on top of each other held firmly in place by the range of composite posts and rails.
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£18.37 £15.31
In Stock - Usually 3-5 days. Not available for free delivery - charges apply.
Coverage (m2) £80.30/m²
Lengths £18.37 each

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Ethically sourced

We go out of our way to make sure our products are ethically sourced.

Key Features

More Cost Effective vs Traditional Wooden Fencing

With a much lower maintenance over the lifetime of the fencing, despite a higher initial cost, composite fencing works out to be more cost-effective than traditional timber fencing.

Wood Plastic Composite is tough and durable, making it a perfect option for fencing which typically takes a beating from stormy winds and stray footballs. Wooden fence panels are renowned for needing to be repaired or replaced after a spell of blustery weather; costs which mount up over the lifetime of the fence which are often overlooked.

With colours that last, there is no need to re-paint, re-stain or re-anything a composite fence every summer. Composite fencing is designed to look great year after year without the effort.

Dual Sided - Happy You, Happy Neighbour

Each board is dual-sided, offering the choice of 63mm battens on one side and 38mm battens on the reverse. Having an attractive side whichever design you choose works out perfect when splitting the cost as both neighbours end up with a stylish fence.

Environmentally Friendly
Ecoscape UK products are made from 95% recycled materials (55% reclaimed wood fibres and 45% recycled HDPE)
Easy On The Eye, Easy On The Install
Ecoscape UK's fencing can be retrofitted between existing concrete posts, or used in conjunction with their concrete post and rail system. With posts in place, the fence boards simply slot in to place - quick and easy.
No Rotting, Warping or Splitting - Guaranteed
Ecoscape UK offer a 20 year warranty on Clarity fencing for domestic applications. Giving you peace of mind for a long-lasting fence.
Resistant To Algae, Mould And Mildew

Algae, mould and mildew thrive in damp conditions. Thankfully, our wood plastic composites do not absorb moisture - inhibiting the growth of organic matter which causes unsightly green patches like you find with timber fencing.

Low Maintenance, High Enjoyment

Super easy to keep clean with no ongoing painting, staining or sealing to worry about - saving you time and money over the lifetime of the fencing.

Made From Responsibly Sourced Timber

Landscaping Direct are play our part in ensuring that the timber and timber-based products we supply are responsibly, sustainably and ethically sourced.

Ecoscape UK products are made from 95% recycled materials, with the wood content sustainably sourced..

Please Note: Colour Stabilisation

As with all composite products, regardless of supplier, there will always be an initial colour stabilisation period once the fencing is installed.

The natural release of oils and tannins from the wood fibres in the product, combined with the exposure to UV rays and the elements contributes to a slight loss of colour, typically over a cycle of the seasons.

All of our Composite products contain UV stabilisers to reduce the level of fading, though there will always be a certain amount of fade despite this.

Capped products, such as Landscaping Direct's Elite Fencing are all fully-capped which really helps reduce the level of fading.

In most cases, the colour fade is imperceivable and only stands out when ornaments, plant pots, etc. are moved from a fixed spot and highlight any difference. Patches such as this will also stabilise when exposed to UV instead of being-re-covered.

It is worth noting that the loss of colour no way impedes the durability or structure of the product - it is purely visual.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Ecoscape UK
Colour: Blacks
Dimensions: 45 x 157 x 1830mmmm
Length (mm): 1830
Height (mm): 157 (150mm Finish)
Thickness (mm): 45
Capped / Un-Capped: Capped
Finish: Brushed
Domestic Warranty: 20 year