EASYSeal Water Seal Plus - 5 Litre

EASYSeal Water Seal Plus provides high-performing water repellence whilst allowing breathability for existing damp to escape. Suitable for all porous building materials, it also gives an invisible, hard wearing resistance to oils, stains and efflorescence on walls, paving, garden features, timber and more.
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Key Features

High Performance Water Repellent
EASYSeal Water Seal Plus creates an invisible seal to repel water - particularly useful for masonry applications.
The solution penetrates porous materials such as brickwork, sealing out water whilst allowing existing moisture to escape rather than trapping it in.
Invisible Protection
EASYSeal Water Seal Plus leaves no textural or colour difference to the surface whilst providing a layer of protection against water, oil and staining.
For Horizontal and Vertical Surfaces
EASYSeal Water Seal Plus can be used on both vertical applications such as brickwork as well as horizontal surfaces such as paving. It can also be applied to timber structures and garden features amongst other porous surfaces requiring water repellence.
Improves Thermal Efficiency
Applied to external walls, EASYSeal Water Seal Plus has been proven to improve thermal efficiency - helping to reduce heating costs.
Up to 25M2 of coverage. Coverage can vary dependant on the porosity and texture of the surface and the application method used.
When is best to apply EASYSeal Water Seal Plus?
Ideal application conditions would be between 10ºC and 30ºC. Avoid applying during rain or when rain is imminent. Do not apply during frost or when surface or air temperatures will be below 5ºC.
How To Apply EASYSeal Water Seal Plus?
EASYSeal Water Seal Plus is best applied by low pressure sprayer but can be applied by brush or roller also. Shake well prior to use. Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from debris, algae and mould. Surfaces can be dry or damp, but not wet. Do not pour directly on to the surface. Apply evenly, avoiding puddles and runs of excess product. For porous surfaces, a second coat should be applied whilst the surface is still dame from the first coat.
Keep pets away until the surface is fully dry. Allow the product to cure overnight. Optimum performance is achieved after 2-3 days. Cold and damp conditions can cause curing to take longer.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Azpects
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