EASYSeal SSP Stone Sealer & Protector - 5 Litre

EASYSeal SSP gives a virtually invisible protection to natural stone and concrete paving, providing breathable resistance to spills and stains such as wine, sauces, grease and oils - ideal for sealing paved BBQ areas.
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Key Features

High Protection
EASYSeal SSP offers fantastic protection against a variety of contaminants including oils, grease, fat, sauces, wine as well as general dirt and grime. It also impedes the growth of algae and fungus and offers good anti-graffiti properties.
Invisible Finish
Once dry, EASYSeal SSP leaves a virtually invisible finish to your paving.
Breathable Sealant
The water-based solution allows the stone to 'breathe' rather than trapping in efflorescence, preventing milky patches forming like solvent-based sealers can cause.
Coverage will vary dependant on porosity of the stone and application method used. Porous stone may consume more product - as little as 3M2 per litre (15M2 per tub), whereas less porous surfaces may achieve 8-10M2 per litre (40-50M2 per tub). One coat is often sufficient, though more porous stones will benefit from a second coat whilst the surface is still damp from the first (wet on wet).
When is best to apply EASYSeal SSP?
Ideal application conditions would be between 5ºC and 35ºC. Hot weather can cause the product to dry out more quickly. Lower temperatures - 10ºC to 20ºC are often ideal, particularly when applying a second coat which needs to be done when the first coat is still wet. Avoid applying during rain or when rain is forecast - the surface will need protecting from rain for six hours after it becomes touch dry. Do not apply if frosty or when surface and air temperature are below 5ºC.
How To Apply EASYSeal SSP
EASYSeal SSP can be applied by brush, roller or low pressure sprayer. Shake well prior to use. Ensure surfaces are clean and free of any marks, stains, efflorescence and contamination as these will otherwise be permanently sealed in after application. EASYSeal SSP is best applied on a dry surface but can be used on damp (not wet) surfaces. Do not apply if there is standing water. Using a brush, roller or low pressure sprayer, work the product well in to the surface particularly on textured stone. Apply thoroughly but evenly - use a lint-free cloth or rag to remove any pooling product. One coat is often sufficient, though more porous stones will benefit from a second coat whilst the surface is still damp from the first (wet on wet).
Protect the surface from rain for 6 hours after the surface is touch dry. Allow at least 8 hours before foot traffic and 3 days for vehicular traffic. Keep pets away until the surface is fully dry.
Do not apply to non-porous materials. Do not apply to painted or previously treated surfaces sealed to repel water. Do not apply when rain is forecast within six hours of application. Always test first on a small, inconspicuous area or spare piece first to ensure suitability and finish.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Azpects
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