EASYSeal Deck Protect - 3 Litre

EASYSeal Deck Protect is a high performance sealer for timber decking, providing additional grip to wet decking whilst preserving the life of the timber.
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Key Features

Multiple Benefits In One Bottle
EASYSeal Deck Protect offers numerous benefits to timber decking in one bottle: - Provides additional grip to wet timber decking - Acts as a sealant - Allows the timber to still 'breathe' - Provides water resistant qualities - Preserves timber decking to increase its life span - Gives algae resistance - Acts against fungal growth
Provides Additional Grip To Wet Timber Decking
Once applied, Deck Protect gives no visible change to timber decking, however, when wet, microscopic beads are activated which provides grip underfoot.
Breathable Sealant
EASYSeal Deck Protect seals the timber whilst still allowing it to 'breathe'.
Preserves & Protects
Deck Protect adds water resistant qualities to the timber, helping to preserve the longevity of timber decking and giving resistance to stains, algae and fungal growth.
As a guide, based on one coat, Deck Protect covers approximately 6M2 per 1 litre. This will vary dependant on porosity of the timber and the number of coats required.
How quickly is the decking protected?
Once the relevant number of coats have been applied, allow the product to cure over 24 hours or longer in cold and damp conditions. Full performance should be reached after three to seven days depending on the timber.
How To Apply Deck Protect
Deck Protect is easy to apply by either roller or low-pressure sprayer. Simply shake well for 30 seconds before use. Apply to the timber using a long-piled roller or a low pressure sprayer. On newly installed decking, apply one generous coat. On decking that is two to five years old, apply two coats. On decking that is over five years old, apply two to three coats. Second and third coats should be applied one to two hours after the previous coat is touch dry. If the timber is particularly porous and is absorbed quickly, apply a subsequent coat within an hour of the previous.
Allow 24 hours for the product to cure - increasing this in cold and damp conditions. Clean regularly with a non-abrasive cleaner to maintain the slip resistant properties. Immediately clean up spills and contaminants to prevent them soaking in and staining the timber, Re-treat as required to maintain optimum performance. Heavier trafficked areas may require re-treating more so than lightly used areas.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Azpects
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