EASYSeal BCS Block & Concrete Sealer - 5 Litre

EASYSeal BCS is a high-grade surface sealer and sand binder for block and concrete paving. Designed for block paving, the water-based solution penetrates the block paving and stabilised the sand in the joints, bonding the block and sand together. EASYSeal BCS also provides durable protection to the surface, enhancing the appearance once dried.
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Key Features

High-Grade Sand Binder
EASYSeal BCS binds the sand in the joints to the block paving. This reduces future maintenance by preventing loss of sand and inhibits weed growth as well as preventing ants and other insects causing a nuisance between the joints.
Appearance Enhancing
Once dried, EASYSeal BCS lifts the colour in the blocks for an enhanced appearance on previously untreated surfaces. Depending on the porosity of the stone, this can result in either a matt finish or a satin finish with a gentle sheen. Testing on a small inconspicuous area or a spare block is a useful way to gauge the likely finished appearance.
Wear Resistant Sealant
EASYSeal BCS also acts as a sealant, providing a hard-wearing protective coat to the paving to aid stain resistance and resist general dirt and grime.
Coverage will vary dependant on porosity and application method. The first coat should be applied at 3M2 per Litre - so a 5 Litre tub will cover 15M2. For the second coat, this should be applied less liberally at a rate of 4-6M2 per litre. A 5 litre tub will cover 20M2 to 30M2. As a guide, a two-coat application for a 50M2 area would require approximately five 5 litre tubs.
When is best to apply EASYSeal BCS?
Avoid applying within 24 hours of predicted rainfall and when the surface temperature is below 5ºC.
How To Apply EasySeal BCS
EASYSeal BCS can be applied by brush, roller or low pressure sprayer. Shake well prior to use. Ensure surfaces are clean and free of any marks, stains, efflorescence and contamination as these will otherwise be permanently sealed in after application. EASYSeal BCS is best applied on a dry surface but can be used on damp (not wet) surfaces. Do not apply if there is standing water. Ensure no residual jointing sand is left on the block paving to avoid it being sealed to the surface. Apply a generous first coat across the paving - working diagonally across the joints in straight lines at a rate of 3M2 per litre. Sufficient EASYSeal BCS should be applied for it to soak in to the block and joints - taking care not to allow the product to pool. The second coat should be applied at a right angle to the first coat at a rate of 4M2-6M2 per litre. The second coat should be applied between 3 and 24 hours after the first coat is touch dry.
Allow at least 8 hours before foot traffic and 24 hours for vehicular traffic. Keep pets away until the surface is fully dry.
Always test first on a small, inconspicuous area or spare piece first to ensure suitability and finish. Do not apply to natural stone. Do not apply to painted surfaces or those that have been previously treated with silicone sealants or other water repellent materials.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Azpects
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