EASYSeal Back To Black Limestone - 1 Litre

EASYSeal Back to Black Limestone helps to rejuvenate faded black limestone, restoring the deep black colour whilst providing a stain and water resistant surface. A 1 litre bottle goes a long way, covering up to 40M2.
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Key Features

Revive Tired, Faded Black Limestone
Black Limestone is notorious for fading over time, weathering from a bold, deep black to a chalky light charcoal grey. Applying Back to Black instantly rejuvenates black limestone, restoring it to its former glory.
Added Protection
Back to Black also provides a level of water repellence to provide resistance to stains, enhancing the life of the paving.
A little goes a long way. A 1 litre bottle applied properly can cover up to 40M2. Coverage can vary dependant on the porosity and texture of the surface and the application method used.
When is best to apply Back to Black?
It is best to apply Back to Black Limestone during dry periods for the best finish. Allow the paving to dry out for at least 48 hours prior to applying and ensure that no rain is forecast so that the product has chance to dry. If the paving still contains moisture or it rains, it may dilute the mixture, weakening the protection it provides and affecting the colour consistency.
How To Apply Back to Black
Back to Black is designed to be used neat. Shake well before use and do not dilute. For best results, a paint pad is ideal for giving an even coat with great control to prevent over-applying and minimising waste. Apply to one paver at a time to ensure an even, full coverage to each piece. Use a lint-free cloth to dry off any excess product and buff away shiny areas to reduce drying times and prevent forming slippery spots. Provide a minimum of 24 hours before walking or driving on to the coated area - allowing longer during colder and damper conditions where curing takes longer.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Azpects
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