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EASYJoint Select Jointing Compound 12.5Kg - Jet Black

EASYJoint Select was developed based on the original best selling EASYJoint range, offering four new colours which compliment porcelain paving particularly well. Suitable for trade professionals and DIYers alike, sweep-in jointing compounds are a fast and effective solution to achieving aesthetically pleasing joints, whatever the weather. As jointing compounds require the surface to be wet, it can even be used in the rain! "Rain or shine, it goes in fine."
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Key Features

Quick & Easy
Jointing Compound is quicker than traditional pointing methods and much easier too. Simply soak the paving, pour out the compound and brush in to the joints.
Ready To Use
No mixing required - a truly simple solution.
Colour Choices To Suit Your Style
EASYJoint Select is available in four different colours; Bronze, Carbon, Tungsten and Jet Black. The original EASYJoint gives you four additional colour choices - Mushroom, Buff Sand, Stone Grey and Basalt.
Less Waste
Any unused compound can be kept in the tub and submerged in water for use on another project in future. The water prevents the compound from curing allowing you to use it again instead of going to waste.
What size joints can I fill?
EASYJoint can be used on joints 3mm or wider, with a minimum depth of 20mm. A 20mm or deeper depth provides more strength to the jointing compound for greater longevity.
Is the bedding mix important?
Yes. In order for jointing compounds to cure, it needs to be sufficiently dry as it is the air that sets the product hard. Therefore, the water used in applying the compound needs to be able to drain away and not be held in the joint. A 6:1 bedding mix (six parts sharp sand to one part cement) when laying the paving is ideal in that it provides enough porosity in the mix for water to escape and the product to cure. This is the same principle which allows you to store unused product for future - submerged in water, the compound can be re-used, left exposed to the air and it will turn hard.
Why do you need to use water when installing?
Using water when pointing with EASYJoint is important for three key reasons. Firstly, it provides better workability to the compound - allowing it to be swept across the paving more freely. Secondly, the water helps the compound flow in to the joint cavities and helps with compaction for a fuller joint without voids. Finally, using water helps to lift the linseed oil in the compound off the paving as it is less dense than water - preventing any potential temporary staining. Linseed oil staining is only temporary; exposure to sunlight will lift the marks over time.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Azpects