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EASYJoint PRO Jointing Compound 17Kg - Mushroom

EASYJoint PRO is a two-part epoxy resin based jointing compound. Unlike the original EASYJoint brush-in compound, the PRO version requires mixing first - providing a stronger jointing solution which will cure in any condition. EASYJoint PRO is a coated sand with a separate activator which gives it the strength for load-bearing applications such as commercial areas and driveways, as well as areas without the drainage requirements of EASYJoint original.
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Key Features

Extra Strength Jointing Compound
The two-part epoxy compound formula is rated up to seven tonnes per square metre - ideal for driveways and commercial or heavy footfall areas.
Two-Part Solution
EASYJoint PRO is a coated sand to which you carefully mix with the activator using a mechanical paddle mixer. This creates a pourable slurry which is swept in to the joints.
Colour Choices To Suit Your Style
EASYJoint PRO is available in three different colours; Mushroom, Stone Grey and Basalt - allowing you to point your paving to suit your style.
Cures In Any Condition
Unlike original EASYJoint one-part solutions, EASYJoint PRO has a different composition, allowing it to cure in both dry and damp conditions. It is worth noting however, that EASYJoint PRO should not be installed when it is due to rain as this can dilute the epoxy resin, weakening the solution.
What size joints can I fill?
EASYJoint PRO can be used on joints 5mm or wider, with a minimum depth of 20mm. A 20mm or deeper depth provides more strength to the jointing compound for greater longevity.
Seal Paving First
You should seal your paving with a sealer, prior to using EASYJoint PRO. As EASYJoint PRO is not installed using copious amounts of water like one-part compounds, sealing the paving prior to jointing with EASYJoint PRO helps to protect the paving from being stained by the epoxy. If the paving is not pre-sealed and EASYJoint PRO leaved a shiny residue, it is possible to remove using EASYCare Sealer Remover.
Is EASYJoint PRO suitable to use when it's raining?
It is best to avoid using EASYJoint PRO if rain is forecast, as heavy/prolonged rain can dilute the epoxy - weakening the mix and reducing the strength of the compound. Although the paving does need to be pre-soaked before spreading EASYJoint PRO, and kept damp during, you do not use the same amount of water as you would with one-part compounds like original EASYJoint and EASYJoint Select.
Can I save the unused compound like with original EASYJoint?
Unlike EASYJoint original one-part compound, EASYJoint PRO cannot be stored for future use once mixed. Once the activator is mixed with the sand, the chemical reaction cannot be undone, meaning that any leftover product will need to be discarded.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Azpects