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EASYGrout Jointing Grout 15Kg - Argent

EASYGrout is a high-quality slurry grout for jointing porcelain paving, giving a fine textured finish. Simply mix with water for a highly flowable grout, squeegee in to the joints, and clean off the residue. EASYGrout cures quickly to give a high early strength which can be walked on in as little as three hours.
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Key Features

Designed Specifically For Porcelain
EASYGrout is designed specifically for porcelain paving, providing a fine textured finish which compliments porcelain beautifully. It is not advised to used EASYGrout on natural stone or porous tiles as there is a risk of permanent discolouration as a result of the grout being spread across the surface of the paving during installation. The resistance to absorption that porcelain has allows grout to be spread across its surface during installation and easily cleaned off, whereas porous paving such as natural stone can absorb the pigments in the grout causing discoloration.
Simply Mix, Pour, Sweep, Rinse.
Just add water as per the instruction to form a flowable, slurry-like grout which can be easily poured out and worked in to the joints with a squeegee. Rinse off residue and once firm, lightly sponge clean for a fantastic finish.
Colour Choices To Suit Your Style
EASYGrout is available in four different colours; Blanco, Crema, Argent and Grafito - allowing you to point your paving to suit your style.
Coverage does vary dependant on joint width and depth and the tile size used. As a guide, on 600x600mm tiles, with a 20mm depth and 5mm joint width, one 15Kg tub should cover approximately 21.75M2.
What size joints can I fill?
EASYGrout is suitable for joints 5mm to 25mm wide, with a minimum depth of 20mm. Maximum joint dimensions should not exceed 25mm x 25mm.
Before Mixing
Before mixing the grout, ensure that the paving is secure and joints are clear of excess residue and water - this will allow for a consistently filled joint. Check the tub for further instructions. EASYGrout should not be applied when temperatures are below 5ºC or greater than 35ºC at any time during the first 24 hours after application.
Always add powder to cold, clean water. A 5Kg bag of grout should be added to a minimum of 900ml of cold, clean water. More water can be added slowly during mixing to achieve the desired consistency. A powered mixing paddle should be used, slowly mixing for three to five minutes to form a smooth lump-free - taking care not to over-mix or create excessive air bubbles. Avoid adding too much water as this can prolong setting time, reduce the compressive strength and modify the colour shade. It is advised to mix only the amount of grout that you are able to apply within the stated working time. Avoid using or 'freshening up' partially-cured grout which has lost its workability.
The tiled surface should be lightly dampened with water prior to pouring the grout - taking care not to leave pooled areas. Pour the mixed grout on to surface and use a rubber squeegee to spread the mortar in to the joints, trying to leave as little residue behind on the tile's surface as possible. Check for any areas where the mortar sits lower in the joint and pull any remaining mortar in to the joint to top it off before it begins to cure.
Once the EASYGrout has initially set (after approximately one to two hours dependant on site conditions), use a wet sponge to remove any residue from the surface of the paving, taking care not to disturb or add excessive water to the joints. When the mortar has reached a firm and final set, a dry cloth can be used to polish off any remaining residue. Keeping the surface as clean as possible during spreading, and thoroughly cleaning the residue off the tiles once initially cured helps to achieve a film-free finish. If any residue or a film is left on the surface, EASYCare Grout Residue Cleaner can be used afterwards.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Azpects