EASYCare Wood Revive - 3 Litre

EASYCare Wood Revive revives timber furniture, sheds, fences, decking and frameworks to their former natural tone - removing silvering and soiling for a like-new look or in preparation for repainting or staining.
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Key Features

Revives & Restores
Wood Revive removes silvering cause by the Sun's UV as well as other forms of weathering which have left the timber surfaces looking a little drab, restoring the original wood tones for a like-new look or ahead of painting.
Fast Acting
Wood Revives acts quickly and dries quickly when applied.
How To Apply
Dampen the timber surface slightly, but not too wet Apply generously along the grain in 2 metre sections to avoid drying out. (If it does dry out, simply re-hydrate with more product.) Allow the product to work for up to 30 minutes Agitate with a stiff brush and running water Rinse timber surfaces thoroughly to remove any remaining residue, repeating once dry to revive further Apply wood protection such as a preserver or paint once dry to prevent reoccurrence of weathering.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Azpects
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