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Plug & Play Garden Lighting System - Lights - D34 Deck Lights 0.3W RGBW LED

Decking lights provide a subtle and ambient lighting effect that adds a warm and inviting atmosphere to any decked space. The low voltage deck lights are easy to install, making them a popular DIY project for homeowners. These lights simply push through a pre-drilled hole to give a stylish, illumination to your decking. The Plug & Play Garden Lighting is a low voltage outdoor lighting system which can be easily installed without professional help. The LED lamps are energy efficient, and the easy fit system allows you to expand the range of garden lighting with various types of garden lights including spotlights, decking lights and flood lights - allowing complete flexibility as to how you highlight and illuminate your garden.
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Key Features

Stylish Decking Lights
Our low voltage deck lighting is perfect to use as orientation lighting. If you want to achieve an optimal result, you can use multiple LED decking lights. These can easily be linked together to create a wonderful atmosphere. These lights are RGBW and can be controlled with our remote controller to achieve different lighting effects. They have a stainless steel bezel with retaining clips which makes them quick to install. These are not to be used to highlight features due to their low wattage output.
Plug & Play Garden Lighting - The Complete Outdoor DIY Lighting System

Our DIY Plug & Play Lighting System is the perfect solution for homeowners looking for an easy-to-install, low-voltage lighting system for their gardens. With a range of outdoor lighting options including spotlights, deck lights, wall lights, bollard lights, flood lights and rock lights, our system is designed to enhance the beauty of any garden, making it a welcoming and safe space after dark.

The system is plug-and-play, which means that homeowners can install it themselves with ease. No complicated wiring is needed, and the low-voltage 12-volt system is safe to use and energy efficient, making it an excellent choice for landscape lighting at home.

The outdoor lighting system is powered by an appropriate mains-powered transformer, ensuring that it is always ready to light up your garden. The LED lights are low-power, providing excellent illumination while keeping energy costs to a minimum.

With our Plug & Play Lighting System, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of exterior lighting without the hassle of hiring a professional electrician. The system is expandable, so it can be tailored to meet your specific lighting needs. Whether you want to highlight a particular feature of your garden or create a warm and inviting space for entertaining, our system gives you the flexibility to create a lighting system to your exact design.

The system consists of various components to allow you to plan and design the exterior lighting to suit your needs. As well as different light options, you have a choice of mounting accessories depending on your landscape and various ways to control the system, whether via remote control or on a timer.

Simply, select the different lights, choose the appropriately sized transformer to power them and add the relevant cable and mounting accessories to allow you to install everything yourself with ease.

Easy to Install - Plug & Play Lighting System
The Plug & Play lighting system can be installed quickly and easily without the help of a professional. Simply connect the lights to the cable from the transformer and plug in. The low voltage system means that you can safely handle the system and don't need to bury the cables below ground.
Simple Steps to Select Your Outdoor Lighting Components

To help you determine which components you need for your system, spend some time designing how you would like to illuminate your garden, considering which types of lights will work best in different locations and noting the distance and placement of each lamp.

Step 1 - Choose your lights according to your design plan.

Step 2 - Add up the total wattage of the selected lights, and choose a suitable transformer to power your system.

Step 3 - Choose your mounting accessories based on where the lights will be positioned.

Step 4 - Determine whether you need extension cables and splitters to connect the various lights together.

Step 5 - Choose your controller based on how you'd like to operate the lighting - such as on a timer or remote controlled.

Expandable - Garden Lighting The Grows With Your Garden
The safe and simple garden lighting system allows you to easily add more lights to your collection (providing the transformer you selected has enough capacity).
Low Voltage Exterior Lighting
The extra low voltage landscape lighting is safe for children, pets and wildlife and doesn't need burying 500mm below ground like 230 volt systems would. This is all thanks to the transformer, which when plugged in to a mains socket, converts the power down to the extra low voltage that the system runs off.
IP Rated
IP68 means the product is absolutely waterproof. This is the highest protection rate possible and the fitting is protected from total dust ingress and protected from long-term immersion up to a specified pressure, generally 3m in depth.
LED Technology
LED lamps on average use 85% less energy than traditional lamps and last roughly 15 times longer. Therefore saving between 80 to 90% on the running costs over conventional types of lamps.

Technical Specifications

Part Number: D34
IP Rating: IP68
Hole Cut Out Size: Ø30mm
Install Method: Recessed in decking
Finish: Stainless Steel
Dimmable: Yes
Wire: 2 x 1M with connectors
Beam Angle: 120°
Light Colour: RGBW 3000K
Lumen: 4
Max. Power: 0.3W