Composite Decking Plastic T-Clips - 7mm Hidden Deck Fixings with Screws (100 per pack)

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Essential for fitting your composite decking, the plastic T-Clip is screwed into every joist after each decking board for the next board to slot into - giving a seamless finish to your new decked space. The T-Clip provides a slightly wider joint of 7mm versus the Speed Clip's 5mm. The T-clip's slightly wider gap allows the screw to be accessed after installation to make replacing damaged boards easier without having to take up the full decking.

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Key Features

6-7mm Gap
Provides a 6-7mm gap between boards, which allows for increased levels of drainage - particularly useful if mopping or hosing down the decking to clear debris.
Easier To Repair & Maintain
T-Clips can be unscrewed from between two deck boards, allowing specific boards to be easily taken out and replaced should the need arise without having to take up all of the boards.
Useful For Penultimate Boards
As Edging Boards are fixed in place before the final decking board, the T-Clip makes installing the final board easier as it can be slid along the gap between that and the Edging board and fixed through from above.
Quick & Easy Install
Without the need to drill multiple pilot holes and screw each decking board, the hidden fixings can be quickly screwed in to the sub-frame joists and the decking boards simply slotted in.
The hidden fasteners are concealed within the gaps of the decking - providing a much cleaner look versus seeing screw heads across your decking.
Allows For Adjustment
Hidden fixings can be unscrewed and re-positioned, allowing for adjustments to the fixings or the boards themselves - without ruining the decking boards such as with screw-fixed alternatives such as timber decking or solid boards.
Another important benefit of the hidden fastener system, is that there is no risk of exposed fixings such as screw heads working loose and causing a hazard to feet and paws.
Screws Included
Our fixings come with the required screws included.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Landscaping Direct
Dimensions: 40 x 18 x 10mm
Length (mm): 40
Width (mm): 18
Height (mm): 10
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