Artificial Grass Self Adhesive Joint Tape - 200mm x 5M Roll

Landscaping Direct

With a high-tack backing, the self-adhesive tape is used as a quicker and simpler method of joining two section of grass together. For joints which are likely to receive higher traffic, we would recommend the Bonding Adhesive and standard Joint Tape which achieve a stronger bond.

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Key Features

What is it?

Self Adhesive Tape allows you to joint two sections of grass together without the need for applying Bonding Adhesive to Jointing Tape.

How To Use It

Similar to using Jointing Tape and Bonding Adhesive, once the two sections are in position and line up as desired, Self Adhesive Tape is rolled flat between the joint the grass carefully folded back on to the tape.

Versus Jointing Tape + Bonding Adhesive

Self Adhesive Tape allows for a simpler install without the need to apply and trowel adhesive to the separate Jointing Tape. Once confident with the position of your two sections to be jointed, the high-tack tape will allow some adjustment before pressure is applied to form the bond. You do need to be a little more precise here versus the two-part jointing method.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Landscaping Direct
Joint Tape Roll Size: 200mm x 5 Metre
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