Artificial Grass Green Bonding Adhesive - 310ml Tube

Landscaping Direct

For use in conjunction with jointing tape to join two sections of grass together, or for bonding the grass directly to a solid base.

A tube will give a 10 linear metre bead, when used with joint tape, you will need a tube per two to three linear metres of tape as it is applied in a zig-zag pattern.

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Key Features

What is it?

A moisture-curing adhesive designed specifically to bond artificial grass to a variety of substrates and jointing tapes.

Install All Year Round

Tolerant of application in damp and cold conditions, once cured, the bond becomes fully resistant to climatic conditions with a high bond strength.

Multiple Uses

Suitable for use in conjunction with Jointing Tape to create a strong join between two sections of grass and to adhere artificial grass directly to a concrete haunch.

Easy To Apply

Simply squirt straight from the tube using a cartridge gun. Ideal for applying neat, controlled lines during install.


One tube will produce a 10 linear metre bead. When using with jointing tape, one tube will cover two to three linear metres of tape as it is applied in a zig-zag pattern.


The Bonding Adhesive is green in colour, easily disguised amongst the grass should any protrude.

Useful For Repairs
If there is ever a need to re-bond any sections, then the adhesive can be accurately applied straight from the nozzle without having to expose the section further.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Landscaping Direct
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