Artificial Grass Fixing Pins (10 Pack)

Landscaping Direct

For installations in to softer ground, the Fixing Pins can be hammered in along the perimeter. With a green coating, the pins can be fixed in and disguised amongst the pile.

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Key Features

What are they?

Used to secure the perimeter of your artificial grass into the sub-base. Fixed every 150-200mm (or as frequently as required), the galvanised Fixing Pins provide a strong fixing, conveniently disguised amongst the grass pile.

Easy Install

Simply hammer through the artificial grass into the ground using a rubber mallet until the pins sit at the base of the grass within the thatching. Take care not to fix too deeply which may push the edge up. If you do, you can easily pull the Fixing Pin back out slightly. Using Fixing Pins allows you to work and stretch the grass as you go along to achieve a perfect finish. The green-coated fixing pin can be hidden, simply by brushing up the grass around the pin with your fingers to disguise it amongst the pile.

Heavy Duty

Made from 4mm galvanised steel, these Fixing Pins are thicker than many others on the market, offering a more robust fixing versus the 3mm alternatives which can be more prone to bending.

Colour Coated

With a green coating, the Fixing Pins are more easily disguised amongst the grass pile.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Landscaping Direct
Length (mm): 150
Width (mm): 30
Thickness (mm): 4
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