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Helpful Advice. Superior Quality. Affordable Prices.

Helpful Advice.

At Landscaping Direct, we aim to guide you with product knowledge and advice which helps you to choose the best solution for your outdoor vision and requirements. From how-to guides to help you know your stuff to in-depth product knowledge intended to remove any confusion – our intention is to ensure you are fully informed and have the confidence of knowing that your choice of landscaping products are the right ones.

Superior Quality.

We have carefully collated our product ranges for their superior quality. We don’t entertain inferior products just to appear ‘cheap’ or to squeeze some extra profit. We believe in ‘buy right, buy once’ – nobody wants the heart-ache of having to completely re-do their decking because it has warped, or finding that the bargain artificial grass has developed a receding hairline overnight.

Affordable Prices.

We keep our costs down and operations as efficient as possible in order to keep our prices low. When you compare our quality like-for-like with other options in the market, you’ll find that we offer the best value for money. Yes, a competitor may be selling a particular grass or decking slightly cheaper than we are, but is it as good as ours for the price? Probably not.

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